Metallica going back to South Africa in 2013

Metallica have just announced their return to South Africa in April next year. They’ll be playing two shows, first in Cape Town on the 24th, and then in Johannesburg on the 27th. Details in the official announcement. optimized for mobile browsers

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Cleaning up the data

Although the site may look a bit dead as of now, that’s not really true. I have just uploaded slightly cleaned-up version of the setlist data, which means the song play counts are getting more precise. I’m looking forward to introducing more updates soon.

If you find anything incorrect, please let me know at - thanks a lot!

Metallica coming back to Prague in May 2012

Today the band’s official site have announced that Metallica will once again come back to Prague (and Belgrade). Great news. Prague 1996 was the first time I saw Metallica live, and kept coming back ever since - at this moment I have 37 Metallica shows under my belt. In 2012, I will definitely not miss Prague and Nova Rock shows. Booking the tickets in the MetClub pre-sale first thing tomorrow morning. As with all the shows in Europe this year, the legendary Black Album (and my most favorite album by Metallica) will be performed in its entirety!

Welcome To The MetSet Tumblog

Here you will find some short information on what’s new at, the Metallica Setlists site.

I am working on cleaning up the setlist data and adding new features as time permits. Though I really enjoy working on this little website, other life events are sometimes keeping me too occupied to deliver features in a faster pace. Nevertheless, I still hope that die-hard Metallica followers will find it useful.

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